Weekend Musings


Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. I’ve been playing catch-up after an amazing time at NamesCon. Every single person I’ve spoken with either at the conference or after agreed that this really was something special and completely different.

Everyone gets something different out of a conference, my focus is always meeting in-person and doing deals. NamesCon provided a great platform to do this. I’ll talk about this more on Monday in my “Reflections on NamesCon” post.

We had some pretty happy Fashion Metric customers at the show as well and in this photo you’ll see four of us all wearing FM shirts. Now that we are settled back into LA we have had some very busy days at Fashion Metric. While Daina spent all day every day at FM I was away for three days which is a long time for a startup and it was nice to get back into the swing of things on Thursday. While I love the domain industry, Fashion Metric is our day, night, and weekend focus right now.

For those of you who met with me at NamesCon you met Matt, the Vice President of Linton Investments and a new addition to the team. You will be hearing more and more about Matt over the coming months as he spearheads some exciting projects for the company and closes some killer domain deals.

We have a big week ahead at Fashion Metric, if you haven’t yet check-out our January Brand Spotlight make sure to have a look. Our featured brand is Stone Rose, one of the hottest new mens shirt-makers that often rivals companies like Robert Graham and English Laundry but at a much more reasonable price point. In the photo above, James, Matt, and myself are all wearing Stone Rose while Michael is wearing one of our customer-favorites, the Crystal Forecast by 7 Diamonds.

Hey, I want my blog readers to good too, right? I hope you’re all having a great weekend, can’t wait for Monday, another exciting week ahead. Oh and I hear there’s some football games on tomorrow, and as someone that grew up rooting for the 49er’s I just might be watching the game. Given that I typically watch 1-2 football games a year this could break a record!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton