Flippa Friday: HealthcarePlans.com, Sponsored.com, uWon.com

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to a very special Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! Today is special because along with a great list of names this week has also brought some very exciting news from Flippa – a domain marketplace. The story was first broken by OnlineDomain.com who has great coverage with all the details you need to know.

Flippa Domain Marketplace

In short, you can now list domains for sale in a non-auction format on Flippa for free which means that Flippa is now even deeper into the domain game. Over the next few weeks you’ll start to see me include some of these listings along with the domain auctions that I cover. You can check-out Flippa’s brand-new domain marketplace here. Now onto this week’s names:

HealthcarePlans.com – I have covered this name before and I still love it just as much. Incredibly solid two-word .COM and proof that a good two-word .COM can carry a fairly high price tag, currently at $74,000 with one day to go.

Sponsored.com – okay, I covered this one also but the auction is still going and I honestly think this is one of the best names on Flippa now. Currently at $24,000 with 14 days to go.

uWon.com – nice brandable and a good choice for an auction platform.

OnlineMeetups.com – I think this could be a hidden gem. Sure it’s probably not going to get close to the price that a two-word .COM like HealthcarePlans.com would but the meetup space is hot right now and growing and this is a pretty solid name in that niche. Currently at $1 with 25 days to go so there’s a lot of potential to grab this one at a low price.

VisitRome.com – I love this name, the VisitCityName domains have a long history of success and for anyone who loves Rome and has been thinking of doing a Rome-related travel site it doesn’t get much better than this.

Photos.io – the .IO extension has been a huge hit with the dev community. While I don’t see this as a great flip candidate it could be a solid name for anyone building something for developers in the photo space.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton