Win $1,000 In Travel Vouchers By Transferring To OnlyDomains

A couple of years ago I flew out to Australia and New Zealand to meet with Instra and OnlyDomains. I didn’t know much about these two registrars at the time but I learned a lot while I was there and had some great adventures that you can read about here. I left very impressed with the team that Tony (Instra’s founder and CEO) has built.


When I look at a registrar, support is very high on my list and after meeting the support team in person I was even more impressed. Sure you might not hear about Instra or OnlyDomains as much as you hear about the big guys like 1&1 or Network Solutions but like most things in life, the biggest companies aren’t always the best.

So I was excited to see that OnlyDomains is running a promotion now where you can win an $1,000 travel voucher just for transferring domains to them. You get one entry for every domain you transfer so if you have a bunch of names up for renewal this could be a good chance to consolidate registrars and possibly subsidize your own trip down under!

Click here to check-out the promo, if you scroll down you’ll see where you can enter the names you want to transfer.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton