Weekend Musings + One Amazing Sunset

Austin Sunset

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to what is going to be a very brief weekend musings. I have to say I have been amazed with how beautiful Austin is and this photo is a great example (no filters used) of the sunsets that rival our California-dreaming sunsets we’re so used to. I took this photo last night with my iPhone, and I’m also pretty darn impressed with how good the iPhone camera is.

This is an incredibly busy time for Fashion Metric as we are growing both in clients and team-members. We are hiring and it has been a challenge to juggle our normal insanely-busy schedule with in-person and phone interviews. The good news is we had 46 people apply for one job and I just saw that 24 new applicants came in since Friday.

It’s also crunchtime at Techstars as we get ready for the ever-famous Demo Day, an event we are really looking forward to but that also requires a lot of work and preparation. If you want to see what a Demo Day pitch looks like, here’s one from another Techstars Austin company, Plum that is definitely worth watching.

Okay, time to get back to work, things are non-stop now and we are loving every minute of it. An exciting week awaits, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton