Expired domain, 22666.com is about to break $40,000 in bidding at Go Daddy auctions

I’ve talked about numeric domains quite a bit lately and for good reason, they are seeing incredibly strong bidding activity, and they seem to be expiring all the time. While a general consumer might not think a strange series of numbers like 22666.com is worth anything (which is why they might have dropped it) the reality is, domain investors are all over it. Here’s a look at the auction with less than six-hours to go:


While I understand that repeating numbers is a good thing, I honestly am pretty shocked at how high this auction is going. If the domain name ended in three 8’s, I’d get it, but this pattern of numbers has me a bit confused.

Whenever I’m trying to brush up on my numeric .COM values I usually head over to this post from Tess at Media Options. It does look like six, especially when there’s more than one, is lucky, here’s a bit more detail:

Six: Sounding like the words for wealth, flow, and business, it is reminiscnet of the idiom “liu liu da shun” (六六大顺), which loosely translates to, “everything will go smoothly.” It can also be used to signify the saying, “liù liù wú qióng (六六無窮) which means “six, six is infinite” — which can also be read as, “six, six is never poor.” While six is lucky, the double six connotes both of these two sayings, and is therefore far more desirable… and higher value. (Source – Media Options Blog)

As for the two’s, well it turns out that the Chinese have a saying about good things coming in pairs:

Two and Three: As in English, the Chinese have a saying about good things coming in pairs. Thus, the number two adds value, as do pairs. The root of the reason that the number 3 is lucky is that it sounds like the word for birth… But it’s not so cut and dry, as twins are considered unlucky omens and “250” means someone is “not playing with a full deck.” With this in mind, we would encourage any portfolio owner to reach out to a domain name broker for a proper understanding of a particular domain name value. (Source – Media Options Blog)

So, now given all of this data, I can understand why this domain is valuable…north of $40,000 valuable, well that’s still a bit of a stretch for me. The reality is, there is absolutely no end-user market for this domain. This is a domain name that could only sell to another numeric domain investor.

I’m pretty disconnected from the numeric domain market since when I sell a domain name, it goes to an end-user not a Domainer. Still, when I see auctions like these it makes me think more and more about the opportunities in the numeric domain market.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton