I’ll be shipping #Domainer t-shirts around the world starting this week


It was a lot of fun to give out #Domainer shirts to some of my long-time blog readers at NamesCon. Along with getting a shirt, I held a little readers event at the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay on Sunday night as well which was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came, it’s safe to say that more people in Vegas were asking themselves “What the heck is a Domainer” than ever before.

My plan was to get back from Vegas and immediately start shipping shirts out to everyone else…but as usual, running a startup consumes just about ever waking minute and now it’s two weeks after NamesCon and I still haven’t sent out any shirts.

So I’ve decided to kick things off this week and finally start shipping them to MorganLinton.com readers around the world. In making these shirts I learned that I have a truly global audience and I’ll be sending #Domainer shirts to Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa all over the US.

I am so appreciative to have amazing readers all over the world, it’s the reason I’m still writing 11 years after starting this blog, and why I’ll still be writing 11 years from now. Thanks for your patience, I couldn’t be more excited to send these shirts out, it’s time for the world to see what a proud Domainer looks like!

Also, I was thinking of running a little photo contest once these are all shipped out so stay-tuned for that. Okay, now back to your (and my) regular Sunday adventures!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton