eSports Sunday: Three videos every new Fortnite player should watch


So it’s safe to say that Fornite have gone from popular game to global phenomenon. I’m not quite sure what it is about Fortnite but I love it and shooters are normally my least-favorite kind of game. There really is a magical quality about Fortnite, maybe it’s the integration of building, maybe it’s the thrill of trying to survive until the end, whatever it is, this is clearly becoming one of the most iconic games of our time.

All that being said…Fortnite is hard, really freaking hard. So I have been watching a combination of Twitch streamers and You Tube videos to try my best to learn from the pros. If you’re just jumping into Fortnite I recommend you do the same so I thought I’d share three videos that you honestly should watch ASAP because it will save you a lot of pain. Enjoy!

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Oh and if you’re looking to follow someone on Twitch that is truly a Fortnite Master I highly recommend checking out checking out Myth. Honestly, he’s insanely good and very entertaining.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton