New owner of Vacation.Rentals shares more about why they spent half a million dollars on the domain


I wrote a post last week about the $500,300 sale of Vacation.Rentals brokered by Brooke from Uniregistry. While I was really happy for Brooke/Uniregistry, the new domain owner, and Donuts, I wrote the post to caution new investors to not spend their life savings on .Rental domains.

Big sales like this can cause people to do crazy things and I feel that as a blogger who has a lot of new domain investors reading my blog, it’s important for me to help people stay grounded.

This post has already become one of my most-read posts of 2018 and a number of people jumped in to share their two cents, one of those people was Michael Kugler, who is actually from the company that purchased Vacation.Rentals. I think it’s pretty darn awesome that Michael took the time to comment and share his perspective so I wanted to highlight this and share it with all of you:

Hi Morgan,
Appreciate the write up and wanted to speak to a few of the replies. I have played in the SEO game as well for a long time (20 years – Warrior Forum – SEMRush – SEO PowerSuite – Moz – and many others) As of right now, we are indexing faster than we expected and inquiries are coming in a little too quick as well.
When someone says to me dot com dot net dot us my immediate question back is “What is a dot com?” When I tell the search engines we are a dot rentals – they know exactly what the site is and the niche area they need to put our site in – much like a Barnes and Noble directory tags showing a section for Travel or Music or Cooking. The old Barnes and Noble used to be fiction/non-fiction (.com – .net) Times are changing in my opinion.
In the end, we are thrilled to have made the purchase – I have been chasing this domain for 2.5 years through a monitoring service and it took me (literally) 5 seconds to settle the deal and make the offer. (Yes, the $300 was on purpose – I wanted to knock Blake Janover off of the top spot with :D)
In the end, we will market heavily and provide excellent customer service to our travelers and homeowners and I believe we will do okay with .rentals
Have a good one, Mike

Thanks for sharing Mike and congrats on the purchase, can’t wait to see Vacation.Rentals continue to grow, oh and next time I go to Tahoe…I think I’ll probably take it for a spin!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton