Where do you go to learn about Domaining in 2018?

learn domaining in 2018

One of my friends recently asked me where to go to learn about Domaining. Of course I first introduced her to Domaining.com which is always the first place I send anyone interested in learning about domain name investing. Then I introduced her to three of my all-time favorite blogs, DNJournal, The Domains, and Domain Name Wire, and last but certainly not least pointed her to DNAcademy.

Her response was – “wow, I had no idea all of these resources were out there, how did you learn about all of this?”

While those of us in the domain industry will recognize all the sites listed above, the average person has no idea any of them exist. Of course there are a lot more resources than this but giving my friend a list of twenty places to start learning about Domaining would probably be overwhelming.

Still I thought to myself…well this is probably an even better question for my readers so I thought I would turn the question over to you. Where do you go to learn about Domaining in 2018? I want to hear from you (and so does my friend!) – comment and let your voice be heard!

Update: Also I think it’s important to mention DomainSherpa which has a TON of great video content for Domainers at all level, and some pretty entertaining shows as well. (Thanks Andrew for the ping in the comment section below, not sure how I forgot to mention this to her, sending her an email now as I know she’ll love your site!)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton