Efty ups the ante once again with acquisition of DomaHub

I’ve been talking quite a bit about Efty this year because honestly, it feels like every month they have something new and exciting to announce. Earlier this month Efty announced three kick-ass new “For Sale” landing pages and today they announced the acquisition of a really interesting company, DomaHub.

So what the heck is DomaHub? Here’s the dets, compliments of Efty’s blog:

DomaHub was founded in 2016 by Wonmin Lee and Wonkyu Lee as a platform that allowed users to rent their domain names for variable short periods of time. They continued to expand on their initial idea and the company went on to add many Efty-like features over the years such as for-sale landing pages, domain name management tools and a custom marketplace feature.

DomaHub users understand the importance of measuring their performance as investors and know how to leverage the power of a for-sale landing page and their own marketplace site without paying a commission, making them a perfect fit for joining the Efty family.(Source – Efty blog)

As for what this means for Efty, it’s safe to say that users of the platform are going to get even more features and functionality. Given that DomaHub started with a focus on the rental/leasing model I could see components of this making their way into Efty but this hasn’t been confirmed (or denied) by Efty yet.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say this is a huge win for both Efty and DomaHub users. It represents another giant leap forward for Efty and IMO further cements it as the go-to platform for domain investors, not just for landing pages but for really everything involved in the lifecycle of buying and selling domains.

Huge congrats to the Efty and DomaHub team, as an Efty user myself I can’t wait to see how these new features get added to a platform that I’m already really happy with!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton