Efty just launched three new “For Sale” landing pages

Well it feels like we’re hitting a point where Efty is announcing new things almost every week. As an Efty customer, this is pretty awesome since all these new features and options come at no additional cost. Today the company announced three new landing pages and IMHO these are the best-looking pages they’ve made to-date.

The reality is, design impacts conversions. Let me say that another way, the better your landing pages look, the more likely people are to interact with them. I’ve learned this lesson over time working with brands at retailers around the world. I’ve seen huge brands (i.e iconic companies we all know and love) make small UX changes to their site and see conversion rates skyrocket.

Efty realizes this too and highlighted this on their blog today:

“At Efty, we’ve learned over the years that first impressions matter. Design matters. And having hosted millions of For-Sale landing pages over the past 4+ years we found that mobile-first, stunning graphics, crisp typography, bold call-to-action buttons and a customizable message focused on benefits makes potential buyers not only consider the opportunities but pay a premium for it.
We are committed to our position as an industry innovator and being the catalyst behind an insane amount of offers, inquiries, and most important: commission-free domain name sales.
For this reason, I am super excited to share that we just pushed the launch button on what we think are the industries best-looking For-Sale landing pages and introduce you to the first three templates in this new series.” (Source – Efty Blog)

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll stop talking about these new landing pages and show them to you.


Nobo For Sale Lander Efty

(live example – VRHero.com)



(live example – BandManager.com)



(live example – FinanceMedia.com)

Personally my favorite out of these three is NOBO and I’ll likely be updating some of my own landing pages today to take advantage of these new additions. As usual – thanks Efty, more features and functionality and all for free, you’re going to have a lot of happy customers on your hands!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton