Efty just hit a major milestone – their first 4 million user month

Well it’s safe to say Efty has had one heck of a summer. Today the popular domain management/monetization/marketing platform shared their traffic stats on Twitter, and like the title says – they hit 4M users over the last month 🚀

This has been a big month for Efty, along with breaking traffic records they also announced the return of visitor stats to the platform. Here’s the skinny on that announcement:

When we launched the first version of Efty back in 2014 we started to include visitor stats right of the bat. Early on we got to deal with the same issues any large marketplace has to face and our stats were riddled with bot traffic and referral spam rendering them pretty much useless. As a solution, we were the first domain sales platform to offer an integration with Google Analytics back in 2016.

And although our Google Analytics integration still offers the most complete data set by far, giving you deep insights in where exactly your visitors originate from, many of you have told us you miss having stats for each of your domains right into your Efty account. A quick way to see which of your domain names is getting the most visitors.

I am pleased to share that as of today, you can find the visitor count for each of your domains from the last 30 days back into your domains overview.(Source – Efty Blog)

I’m pretty jazzed about getting visitor stats back, as a long-time Efty user that’s actually a feature I was hoping they’d add back in. While Google Analytics is great, there’s something to be said for having these stats right there in the Efty platform. IMHO this really is the icing on the cake when it comes to making Efty a true all-in-one solution.

In the past I’ve used visitor stats as a way to determine if a particular domain might be getting enough traffic to warrant putting a site on the domain or taking other steps to monetize it. This can also help guide your landing page design and selection process and help you put your focus on the names that are getting the most attention.

Congrats to the whole team at Efty and thanks, as a customer I’m really excited about visitor stats being added back into the mix 🕺

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton