Don’t forget, you can buy expired domains without battling in an auction

I think we’ve all seen prices for expired domains skyrocket at Go Daddy Auctions lately. Rewind ten years ago and there were good deals to be had all day every day (or at least that’s how I like to remember it!), today – you have to be careful as it’s easier than ever to end up paying way above wholesale for an expired domain.

So I thought now would be as good a time as any to remind everyone that you don’t have to battle it out in an auction to snag an expired domain. I think a lot of people forget (or don’t know about) Go Daddy closeouts. You can look at this in a nice organized list on, or you can search through yourself directly by checking this checkbox like in the image below:

While you likely won’t find the same caliber domains you find in expiring auctions, there are some diamonds in the rough that do make their way through. I recently had a friend share with me two domains he sold in the low $x,xxx range that he picked up for under $10 in closeouts so there are definitely investment opportunities there.

One feature of that’s pretty helpful is the “Valuation” column. While I don’t take automated domain valuations/appraisals too seriously, sorting by valuation is a nice way to quickly sort current closeouts so you can focus on where potential opportunities might be.

I’m not a super active buyer on Go Daddy closeouts but given how crazy the regular expired auctions are getting, it’s definitely somewhere that I’m spending more time than I ever have in the past.

Have any of you had a successful flip with a name you bought on Go Daddy closeouts?

Note: I’m currently backpacking out in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. I wrote this blog post and scheduled it before I left so I apologize in advance if I respond to comments a few days later!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton