There is no room for hate in this industry – this tweet should be deleted and an apology issued

Update: the person who wrote this tweet (who is not mentioned in this post for privacy reasons) apologized and took his offensive tweet down.

Yesterday a very disturbing tweet was sent from someone within the domain industry. I am not posting an image of it because I hope the person who wrote the tweet does the right thing and deletes it.

You can see the number 42 under the tweet (it’s likely even higher now), that is a ton of people saying – this tweet is completely inappropriate and offensive, needs to be taken down, and an apology issued.

Rape is not funny, it is incredibly serious and is never a joke, for people who have been victims of rape, seeing things like this can be triggering in many ways. I think Raymond from TLDInvestors said it well yesterday:

Other prominent people from the community like Ammar and Braden encouraged the tweet be deleted and an apology be issued:

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Shane’s Mom in person at a domain conference, she is clearly an amazing person who is so proud of her son and she was so happy to be at the conference with him. This tweet should be taken down and an apology should be given to both Shane and his Mom.

I’m a big believer in people, I think everyone has the chance to turn things around and do the right thing. I also think as an industry we can turn something negative into something positive.

Today I made a donation to the Rape Crisis Center, an organization that helps people who are victims of rape. There is no room for hate in this industry or in this world. We have enough problems in the world today, let’s not make more. Like I said above, I do believe everyone has the chance to do the right thing and turn things around, I sincerely hope that happens here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton