Monthly Video Interviews Coming Soon – You Ask The Questions!

I embraced the .tv TLD back in April of this year to show my dedication to video. I’ve been doing my best to make weekly videos and am excited to have 24 videos now available with #25 coming soon!

As you probably know I have a television show I’m working on for next year slated for an online release sometime in Q1 2010. But why stop there?

I thought it would be great to add a monthly interview to my regimen, and not just any interview, but one where YOU get to pick the questions! I’m a big fan of letting my users interact with the blog and its content and think this will be a great way to get some good (and tough) questions for the movers and shakers in the Domaining industry.

While the purpose of the interview will be of course to learn more about an individual or company I encourage people to ask their burning questions and I’ll ask them!

I’m a nice guy and definitely will not do anything to damage a company or individual but just like the President gets asked tough questions by the media every day – I’ll be doing the same with my guests – with your help!

These interviews will be conducted via Skype so I won’t be flying everyone to Los Angeles for these like I am Chef Patrick for the TV Show. I plan to start by conducting one interview a month and am close to confirming my first interviewee!

Once announced I will give you all one week to email your questions to me which will then be asked in the interview. Anything lewd or potentially damaging will be removed – but don’t be afraid to ask tough questions!

Welcome to the next stage in my blog’s evolution – this is .tv territory folks and I’m glad you’ve decided to come along for the ride!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton