Are you a stressed Domainer?

As you probably know from my posts and videos – I’m a pretty excited and inspired person. While I do have more energy than your average four-year old on a sugar-high, I work hard to stay focused and stay stress-free. I haven’t always been this way but I’ve learned time and time again that you can do ten things pretty well and 2-3 things really well.

The problem is how do you pick what projects to focus on? In the Domaining world this is a topic that almost all Domainers struggle with both new and experienced. In the end it is easy to get stressed in an industry that seems to have ten million opportunities but of course not enough time to do them.

So you have 8 gazillion domains, you want to develop some, you want to sell others, and you need to generate income now!! The problem is – development can be expensive and you’ve already shelled-out a reasonable amount of money without seeing much of a return. Selling your domains hasn’t turned-out as easy as you thought and what you have sold hasn’t been in the range you had hope for. Sound familiar? If so then you might just be a stressed Domainer!

I too was a stressed Domainer but over the last year I’ve worked hard to reduce my stress and increase my income. The last three months have been the best for my business and I’ve actually done the least amount of work. I’m not slacking off…but I am working smarter not harder.

So how can you de-stress, get focused, and get your income stream back in line? There are three simple things I did and I think you’ll find it will work for you too! Of course there are many more things you can do but I don’t want to stress you out with a million de-stressing techniques!!

  1. Go through your portfolio and really determine which domains you want to keep – let the others drop. (Take a look at my post about pricing your domains to get a quick way to get a rough estimate of what your domain could sell for)
  2. Pick a maximum of five domains to develop and completely focus your development efforts on those five – FORGET about the others for now – they are only making you stressed!
  3. Pick a maximum of three domains to sell and focus your efforts on selling these three. Stop posting lists of hundreds of domains in forums hoping to sell a few – do a good job of promoting three domains instead.

Map-out these three steps on paper so you end-up with a list of domains you are keeping, 1-5 domains you are developing, and 1-3 domains you are going to focus on selling.

Now hang this paper on the wall next to your desk. When you sit-down at your computer look at this sheet and make sure that what you are doing is moving you closer to following the plan you have created – if not then you might just be making more stress for yourself!

If you really want to get focused just pick one domain to develop and one to sell. This will de-stress you almost right-away and lead to instant focus. Remember – you can only do so many things well and if you’re stressed the quality of your work will suffer.

Now go have a glass of wine, put on some Michael Buble (The Best Is Yet To Come) and look at your neatly organized plan – you’ll feel better by the time the song ends!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton