My Three Favorite Domaining Blog Posts: Week of 11/15/2009

The Domaining blogosphere is really starting to heat-up and this week I’ve reserved the top three for people who have really dared to step up to the plate and speak their mind. I’m going to shake things up with my television show starting next year and it’s great to see Bloggers continue to stir the pot and share their opinions!

  1. – Quit Blaming The End Users It Is A Domain Industry Problem
  2. – Investigation or Cover up?? Take our Poll
  3. – Why the Domain King’s Quote is Misleading and Incorrect

So continue to speak your mind everyone because your blog is yours to do with as you please. Don’t spend too much time trying to appease your sponsors – it should be your voice in the end! Of course I would never suggest doing anything to hurt your sponsors but come-on – dare to be different.

Chef Patrick had the great “nipple-gate” scandale this year – he dared to be different and it benefited his sponsor with incredible publicity! So get up out of your seat and let your voice be heard and thanks to those in my top three this week for taking the road less traveled  – you got my attention!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton