Domaining MBA Monday: Parking Page vs. For-Sale Lander

Domaining MBA Monday

Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Domaining MBA Monday here on Today I wanted to talk about a topic that came-up for me recently in a conversation with another Domaining buddy. What I’m talking about is the debate between leaving domains parked that aren’t making significant revenue vs. putting-up a for sale lander.

The idea here is that if your domain isn’t making any money parked why not just make the focus selling the domain rather than trying to make $0.05 here and there. My only complaint about “For Sale” landers is that they all look exactly the same, and with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of domains making each one unique is a real pain.

I have to say that Frank Schilling and the team over at have definitely gone above-and-beyond with their landers, here’s an example of their dynamic landing pages:


If you see the text with the icons to the right you’ll see this information update and slowly slide in after you visit the site. The page design is incredibly clean and it makes it very easy for visitors to put in their info and get a quote.

If you want to learn how to changed your parked pages on to go directly to the “For Sales” landers check-out this awesome tutorial from Andrew over at DNW.

There are plenty of other ways to make slick “For Sale” landers on a one-off basis with WordPress and themes from places like


Another very slick solution is provided by SmartName which allows you to easily add a “For Sale” strip to parked pages and direct these to your own custom landing pages.

This all leads me to the title of this post and a question to all of you. For a domain that you want to sell and isn’t making much money parking, is there any reason not to have the visitor go directly to a landing page designed for them to make and offer? If nobody is clicking on your links, why have them cluttering up the page?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton