Domaining in 2009 and Beyond – Rick Schwartz Shares his thoughts on the future of Domaining

Rick Schwartz wrote an incredible post this morning titled – Why I came up with a 20 Year plan……Progress Report.

In his post Rick says:

“See I believe  and have always believed that domains would be an overnight sensation that would  be 20 years in the making. The next 20 years I believe are the real money years.  I doubt oil was as useful or in demand as much when they started pumping in  Texas in the mid 1800’s as it became when the autos hit the road. How amazed  would those original oil guys been to see it today?”

Thanks to Rick for pioneering this industry and keeping us all excited and inspired. I am more excited than ever about the future of Domaining. Looking forward to sharing the experiences with all of my readers!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton