Domaining in 2009: Some Reflections on the Year Ahead

After finishing my Friday night blog-reading ritual (yes – I am a huge dork) I had some reflections on the week and more ideas for the weekend. First, one thing became clear this week – the Domaining world is changing. For the first time there is a change in focus from .com to the entire world of ccTLD’s – with Rick Latona’s launch of and 3000 A Day Domainer creating videos that are making investors salvate for high-traffic ccTLD’s.

Let’s face it, Domaining is still a very small niche. It is becoming more well-known every day but it is opportunities like this that remind me just how early we all still are. This is the beginning of a market that we all know is going to be much much bigger than it is today. Domaining conferences won’t have hundreds of attendees but tens of thousands. Many just starting in the industry will look back at 2009 and think, “I wish I had started then.”

When I see progress in this industry like we are seeing this year it reminded me again just how early we all are. I can honestly say I am more inspired than ever. With Bido getting ready to completely change the way we buy and sell domains online and Rick Latona getting domainers to give ccTLD’s a second chance I know we are in for an incredible ride in 2009.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing JuryLaw(dot)com which will launch this Sunday!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton