Domain negotiations done right – from $20k opening offer to $150,000 sale

When it comes to selling domain names, many investors assume that the opening offer a potential buyer makes is within striking distance of their actual budget. Most domain investors that sell in the six-figure range know this isn’t the case, and they use that to their advantage to turn smaller offers into bigger deals.

Today one of the top rising stars in the domain investing world, Bar who goes by @ppcbz on Twitter shared his first six-figure sales, and using Wall Street Bets lingo to share how he did it.

I’ve actually heard of this counter being used successful in the past, i.e. the “add a zero” response. While most of the time it will scare buyers away, when it doesn’t, you can watch a $20,000 offer turn into an $150,000 sale like Bar did.

While this is Bar’s first six-figure sale, I think it’s safe to say this is only the beginning as Bar has a pretty exceptional portfolio of .IO domains and well, .IO domains are a hot commodity these days.

I reached out to Bar privately to ask if he could share any more insights about the sale and he let me know that he used a regular lander with a simple info@[domain name] email address listed as the contact.

Pretty simple setup but one that I think we’re going to see continue to gain popularity as domain investors try to move from an overly sales-focused landing page to a more streamlined/barebones approach. I haven’t personally experimented with myself but it’s safe to say Im going to now. pricing

Of course I know you’d probably want to know the pricing, which is somewhat hidden on the site so I added a screenshot here. As you can see, probably isn’t a solution for thousands of domains but for $49/year for 25 sites it feels like a no-brainer to me for 25 sites.

Now I just need some advice from Bar on best practices…so Bar, safe to say we have a little Zoom HH in the near-future, I’ll buy the beer 🍻

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton