Tomorrow is Dogeday. Is a new all time high less than a day away?

In early January I dipped my toes in the Dogecoin waters. While I’ve been an altcoin investor for years, ETH, LTC, ADA, XLM, and XRM have been my jam, Doge – not as much. Then I went over to the Dogecoin Subreddit and started poking around and saw a real community had formed, and it was clear they were laser-focused on one thing – Dogecoin to a dollar.

Since January I have continued to invest in Doge and well, it has done better than my investment in the Zoom IPO, albeit much more random and surprising in its trajectory.

Last week was a bit surreal as I was in Yosemite for the week and actually did succeed at not checking the crypto or stock markets for a week. So you can imagine my surprise when I finally checked my phone and saw that Dogecoin had gone up over 400%, in a week 🤯

Dogecoin up 456%

While Doge started as a “meme coin” I can tell you today it has become much more than that. Mark Cuban is accepting Doge at Mavs games along with 47 other companies and yes, I’m currently making my way through a huge shipment of Dogedrip ( Yes, Doge even has it’s own water now, and like the community, it has a purpose that goes beyond the concept of a meme or joke coin.

Of course one of the biggest concerns about Doge is that it 65% of all Dogecoin is held in less than 100 wallets, 98 to be exact. This means a very small number of people have the ability to massively influence the price of Doge, which might just be what they’re doing now in the lead up to Dogeday.

The goal of the Doge community is to see Dogecoin hit $0.69 tomorrow, 4/20, which is also known as Dogeday. If you asked me back in January if I thought Doge could hit $0.69 in April I would tell you that was crazy, but I would have also said $0.30 was crazy and well, it’s at $0.39 as of me writing this.

So could Doge hit $0.69 tomorrow?

Yes, I think it absolutely could. I’m not selling any of my Doge, it’s HODL time, and in a day or two I’ll either feel like a genius or an idiot. We’ll know soon enough! 😜

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton