Domain Investing news roundup for the week of October 21st, 2019

Domain Investing News

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to my weekly domain investing news roundup. I can never really figure out what to write in this first sections so I thought I’d spend a few sentences talking about the first story on my list.

This week Elliot wrote a good article that referenced a Tweet from Rick Schwartz about the problem with having a BIN + Make Offer option on a landing page. I think Rick made a really good point here and am glad that Elliot wrote a post dedicated to it. Why would anyone take your BIN price seriously if you make it clear that you’re willing to consider other offers?

To me, a landing page with BIN + Make Offer is more like a page that says, “Looking for $x or best offer,” it takes all the wind out of your sales when it comes to really standing behind the price.

Okay, there’s a little commentary from me on the news, now let’s get to the good stuff. Below are the stories from the domain investing world that caught my eye this week, enjoy!

  • BIN + Make Offer Isn’t Ideal for Me (Read more on
  • Sedo weekly sales led by (
  • domain name sells for $1.5 million (Read more on DomainNameWire)
  • Brexit hell: .eu suspension plan put on hold (Read more on DomainIncite)
  • 97 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names:,, (Read more on DNGeek)
  • Ad Practitioners LLC acquires for a reported $20 million (Read more on
  • Some major generic domains have just changed hands! (read more on DomainGang)

I hope you all have a great weekend and for those who are watching basketball now that it’s back on, please send the Warriors some love this Sunday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton