Sunday is the one day a week I devote some time to domain investing. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me.

Domain Investing Schedule

As many of you know, I look at domain name investing just like stock market investing or real estate investing, it’s an investment strategy, not a full time job or business (for most). While there are people who day trade stocks full time or flip houses full time, most people I know who invest in the stock market or real estate do it as an investment strategy, not a career path. The same is true for most people (like me) who invest in domain names.

Since my week is focused on running a software company here in San Francisco, and I like to really devote Saturday to R&R – Sunday has become the day where I chisel out some time for domain investing and I typically spent between 1 – 2 hours total.

Here’s a look at where the time goes:

30 mins – add any new domains I’ve purchased to Efty and Afternic, make sure any domains I’ve sold have been remove from Efty and Afternic.

30 mins – search for expired domains (usually on Go Daddy Auctions), place bids on any that I want for the week. I don’t actively monitor auctions, instead I just put in the most I would pay for a name and just let it run for the week without monitoring it. If I lose all the auctions I bid on, so be it.

15 mins – follow up with any inbounds that are still in negotiations.

15 mins – send follow ups for any brokerage deals I’m working on

15 mins – review renewals for the coming week

Another 20 – 30 mins can go to any one of these four things taking longer than the time estimate I’ve mentioned above. I’d say it’s pretty rare for me to spend more than two hours, and that’s it for the week. I don’t do anything related to domain investing during the week or on Saturday. I’m very diligent with my time, running a startup forces you to be given how demanding it is.

I’m not a big sports fan and don’t watch football so Sunday has never been a sports day for me. The rest of my day I usually go to the gym, practice Japanese, and make a nice dinner. I try not to do any major social activities on Sunday, my weeks are so busy that I like to try to keep Sunday as low key as possible.

And there you have it. I’d be interested to hear how other domain investors spend their time. Feel free to share your own schedule in the comment section below. I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton