Domain Investing News Recap for the week of September 2nd 2019

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to my weekly domain investing news roundup. I decided that rather than bore you with some long-winded paragraph before the news, I’ll dive right in, so you only wasted your time reading this sentence. Now onto the news!

  • Basecamp CEO Looking for a Great Domain Name
    (
  • CentralNic reports H1 earnings propelled by acquisitions
    (read more on Domain Name Wire)
  • DomainSherpa Review – Sept 2:, Hi.Club,
    (read more on DomainSherpa)
  • Uniregistry weekly sales led by
    (read more on TLDInvestors)
  • New Verisign Report: Total Domain Registrations Jumped 4.4% Since Last Year Led by .Coms and Surging ccTLDs
    (read more on DNJournal)
  • Ethereum name service launches .ETH domains auction, and domains like usfederalgovernment.eth are priced at $1.8M
    (read more on my blog)
  • CentralNic 2019 half year results
    (
  • A third of the top TLDs are shrinking
    (read more on DomainIncite)
  • It cost $480,843 to defend
    (read more on Domain Name Wire)
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton