Charlie Sheen – Social Media Wizard (or Warlock)

Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot lately. No surprises here – when you start talking about being a warlock and your tiger blood and Adonis DNA, people start listening. Or do they? Charlie Sheen has captured the world with his seemingly irreverent banter, which like Howard Stern, you just can’t stop listening to.

So what’s really going on behind the scenes? Easy – it’s the biggest targeted social media campaign in the history of the world…and it’s happening in Charlie Sheen’s house.

Charlie Sheen Social Media TeamThe picture above is of Charlie’s social media team hard at work turning Charlie’s online presence into something our kids will read about in their social media textbooks (that will be a topic in school at some point – right?). That’s right, this team of people is working hard to get Charlie out in the social media space and quickly.

Charlie Sheen has over 3 million Twitter followers and I’m pretty sure holds the record for the quickest growth in followers ever recorded. On Facebook Sheen has over 800,000 fans and counting. So is Charlie a Warlock? Maybe but in my mind Charlie is actually one of the best social media wizards of our time. While he himself isn’t a social media expert he’s hired a team of professionals that are weaving a complex web online and keeping people engaged.

So many people think that it’s just Charlie sitting at home typing on Twitter or updating Facebook. Charlie has a team of experts, a team dedicated to turning him into the most interesting man in the social media world…and by all counts it looks like they’re succeeding. The only question now in all of our minds is…what the heck is Charlie going to talk about in his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton