Interview with Mike Robertson from Domain Guardians

A new service from x-Fabulous employees Mike Robertson and Jen Sale made headlines several weeks ago and for good reason – this is a much needed service. While you may have read the press release or one of the many posts discussing the announcement I wanted to go a step deeper. So I decided to do an interview with Mike himself! So here it is – hot of the press – an interview with Mike Robertson on his new venture – Domain Guardians.


Morgan: How did you come-up with the idea for Domain Guardians?

Mike: Over the past few years, a number of domain professionals have questioned, “What will happen to my domains when I pass or become unable to manage them?” Adam recognised the demand for a solution, and proceeded to investigate the legalities and community feedback. It was obvious that the team behind this service must be trusted and experienced. Having heard the news that Jen and I were “free agents”, he pitched us the concept, and the rest is history.

Morgan: With the Dream-Team you have assembled what role do you see each person playing within this new company?

Mike: We all bring a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge to the table.

Jen has over 10 years experience specialising in the domain aftermarket, having brokered many premium names and managing the Domain Distribution Network. She has very strong relationships with all the top domain registrars and various service providers, and will manage our business development on a corporate level, working with our partners and providers.

Bill has a very impressive technical resume offering over 10 years of experience in strategic and operational management of IT Infrastructures. He’s the man behind the scenes (but will also become a familiar face in the space!) building and maintaining our platform and technology.

Paul is one of the most well-known and respected attorneys in the domain industry, and will obviously manage anything and everything legal. He not only has a thorough grasp on domain law and the space, but he’s also well-versed in business law too.

As most know, I’ve worked very closely with domain professionals on all aspects of their portfolio, including registrations, monetization, sales and everything in between. I’m excited to manage business development for Domain Guardian clients, and will endeavour to always offer a premium level of service and care.

Finally, Adam… where do we start? Adam brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, relationships and respect to the team. Not to mention, we wouldn’t be where we are today without him, and his support and feedback continues to drive us and shape the company to a domainer’s needs and wants.

While we all have roles based on our experience and strengths, we are a team and work closely together on each and every aspect of the business.

Morgan: How did you come-up with the name and did you have to buy the domain from another Domainer?

Mike: We considered a number of options, but Domain Guardians was our first choice, and we were very lucky because Adam owned We also purchased, which is our primary product, along with some typos and related names to protect our brand and services.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton