Snapnames .TV Auction Ends In Less Than 5 Hours

The Snapnames .TV Auction ends in less than five hours and I have to say I am blown-away by some of the great deals still on the table. A huge number of domains have hit their reserve prices and there are a ton of auctions yet to get above $500 which means there are plenty of great deals left.

There are some stellar two-letter .TV names, most for under $1,000. Regardless of TLD I think there is something special about two-letter domains. If you own a brand that can be represented by two letters owning the corresponding .TV is one of the next-best investments you can make next to the .COM.

Remember, .TV is all about video content and if your business isn’t embracing video, you’re missing the boat on a ton of potential customers and increased user engagement. If you look at the re-sale price of two-letter .com and .net domains you can understand why finding a two letter anything is pretty amazing for under $1,000.

There are some other great short .TV names like which is only at $325 and has already hit the reserve. is at only $300 and hit my radar since this would be a great domain for PHP video tutorials, which are quite popular.

So if you’ve been looking for a good deal on .TV domains make sure to check-out the Snapnames .TV Auction, and do it quickly because it’s ending soon. This is not a sponsored post, yes Snapnames is a sponsor but I’m writing this post because I’m actually very interested in this auction both as a .TV fan and as a Domainer who likes good deals on domains.

You can view the auction inventory here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton