.CAR, .CARS and .AUTO Set to Launch This Summer On Uniregistry


What happens when two of the biggest names in the domain industry join forces? Something very special and something that I honestly think we’ll be hearing about for years to come. I know that many of my readers have gotten “lost in the sauce” when it comes to the introduction of the new domain name extensions so I always like to highlight the specific ones that I think are going to do something meaningful and make a real impact, in this case it’s a trifecta of extensions .CAR, .CARS, and .AUTO.

In this situation I think there’s a few things that are special. First, it’s no secret that cars will soon be driving themselves, it’s not just Google who is working on self-driving cars any more, it is rumored that Apple, the king of innovation is doing the same. As cars become more tech-savvy and Internet connected (like Tesla) they will without a doubt be more active online than they are today. Second, this really is the whole space, a “trifecta” as they call it and I think it’s great that one company is running all three rather than three different companies duking it out to make one a success.


Add to this the fact that it’s happening on Uniregistry, which has been now dubbed the “Apple of Registrars” and I can tell you this is going to make for an exciting launch and an exciting year ahead.

Daniel Negari
“As an entrepreneur, I have always looked up to Frank as a visionary, pioneer, and all around great person. Teaming up with Frank and his team at Uniregistry is a dream come true, as they bring infinite knowledge and experience to the table. As his business partner, I’m looking forward to collaborating, innovating, and learning from the best,” (Source – ReleaseWire)

Huge congrats to both Daniel (.XYZ founder) and Frank (Uniregistry founder) – I can’t wait to follow along with the excitement, and probably buy a few names for myself along the way. You can stay up-to-date on all the details around the launch on Uniregistry’s Launch Schedule.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton