Announcing the newest addition to the editorial team

I originally started back in October of 2007 as a way to take what I was doing with domain names, and share it with the world. Fast-forward almost eight years later (which definitely makes me feel old!) and I couldn’t be more proud of how my blog has grown and developed over the years. It has gone from just me to a team of writers and I couldn’t be more excited about the latest addition to the team.

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The bar has already been set very high and I know that my readers come to to hear advice from people with a deep level of knowledge and expertise. That’s why I’m adding someone I think you will all be equally excited about the addition of Edward Zeiden to team!

Edward Zeiden

Many of you already know Edward from NamePros where he fosters strategic partnerships, or you might know Edward from NameLayer, a domain name startup that was acquired by startup accelerator Techstars in September of 2013, or you might know him from one of his many web businesses. The point is, there’s a good chance you already know Edward!

Edward wrote several guest posts on my blog that I got a ton of positive feedback on, in case you missed them you can read them at the links below:

Driving Domain Buyers To Your Auctions: Part 1

Driving Domain Buyers To Your Auctions: Part 2

Driving Domain Buyers To Your Auctions: Part 3

So I would like to give a very warm welcome to Edward, this is a major win for and a great resource that I know all of my readers will enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton