Braden Pollock drops some serious knowledge on two different podcasts this week

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and veteran domain investor Braden Pollock is dropping some serious knowledge this week on two of my favorite podcasts. For those who have been listening to the podcast you know Braden is on there all the time and this time around he covers some pretty interesting data on recent domain sales.

My favorite name from the list is Shortbread(.)com, just hearing the name is starting to make me hungry! I won’t say any more as you’ll need to listen for yourself.

The second podcast, as I highlighted above, is a pretty spectacular interview by Alvin Brown from Kickstart Commerce talking with Braden about lead generation and domain development. And I’ll be honest, this might be my favorite episodes of Alvin’s as Braden shares some pretty interesting stuff in this episode that I think is relevant for all domain investors.

You also might be pretty surprised to find out that Braden got into domain investing after acquiring over 10,000 (yes you read that right) fully developed lead generation websites 🤯

Braden has had one heck of a journey in the domain investing world and his move into the one-word .COM space has helped him amass one heck of a portfolio – in short, listen to this episode, it’s awesome.

Thanks to Braden for sharing so much with all of us and nicely done Josh and Alvin, these are two exceptional episodes with a lot of good nuggets that I think domain investors are really going to dig.

Oh and for those who read down this far I have a fun little blast from the past for you. Years ago Ammar and the team at ThoughtConvergence ran a really cool conference in the Bahamas 🏝 Here’s a video of Braden in action there with a much younger version of me doing some not-so-great camera work, but it’s still fun to watch, enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton