Boom! Google Builds New Company On ABC.XYZ

Daniel said it best on Facebook today:


Today marks a big day in domain name history, and at the center of it is Daniel Negari, an entrepreneur and domain investor who I think was incredibly misunderstood last year when he worked hard to gain widespread support for .XYZ. Rewind to 2014 and many people in the domain industry were attacking Daniel and criticizing his efforts to put .XYZ on the map.

Now, Google has just launched their next big initiative on a .XYZ domain name…and just like that, the world changed.

Google Alphabet

Like many founders, Daniel took a big risk, he went big and faced a lot of opposition, but over the last year many of his haters have become his supporters. Some of my favorite bloggers were initially against him, now I see many of those who were initially were hitting him hard, are now starting to take a turn for the positive.

In one of my early posts supporting .XYZ I got absolutely slammed, it was one of the most negative comment storms I’ve ever seen on my blog. Here are some of the comments I got:


Sorry Robbie, Todd, and Sukhjin, but it’s a year later and .XYZ is not one of the worst extensions, in fact it is the top new domain extension in the world, and my PR was not nonsense, sure maybe it was a bit early, but as I said many times before, it’s the team that makes all the difference.

Huge congrats to Daniel, Shayan and everyone else over a .XYZ headquarters. You fought the good fight, and I think now it’s safe to say, anyone that says .XYZ can’t face-off against .COM didn’t see what Google did today.

Now one disclaimer I always have to give at the end of a post like this – this doesn’t mean .COM is dead, it’s still alive and well and as valuable as ever. If you’re ever confused about my view on investing in new gTLDs, you can read all about it here. What this does mean is that .XYZ is yet another great example of the huge potential the new gTLDs offer, it’s there, and you really can’t ignore it any more.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton