BarkBox Raises $5M, Buys For $19,532

BarkBox is a cool new startup that offers a subscription service for dog owners. They recently announced a $5M raise and with it change the name to Bark & Co and ponied up $19,532 for the domain name With the new raise and new home on the web they also announced a new service called Bark Care offering customized veterinary services.

Bark & Co seems to be run by another startup still in it’s early phases but it doesn’t look like they are doing anything remotely similar. I think this was a good branding move made by Bark, .CO has become increasingly popular with startups and this is easy to remember, easy to spell, and directly matches their brand which is Bark & Co.

Congrats to the whole team on the $5M raise, and as a cat-owner I’m still waiting for my MeowBox, I see is listed at BuyDomains for $9,600 which would be a $10,000 savings for whoever wants to start Meow & Co 🙂

Hat tip to HybridDomainer who reported the sale

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton