Fashion Friday – Fashion Project Raises $1.8M To Champion Shopping For A Cause

This week was an exciting one for the fashion world as Fashion Project, a recent TechStars Boston graduate announced a $1.8M seed round for their innovative second-hand apparel site. While selling second-hand clothing online isn’t a new thing, Fashion Project has a few added twists that make it really unique.


The idea behind Fashion Project is to build a community where women can donate their high-end clothing and accessories and allow other people to buy this clothing with a majority of the proceeds going to charity. For women who have closets bursting with clothes this is a great alternative to giving the clothes away to Goodwill as their donation will still go to charity and the clothes will still be put to good use.

The two co-founders came-up with the idea during their Harvard Law School graduation ceremony opting to build a startup rather than head off to a big law firm like most of their friends. It’s a bold move that few would make but that’s what I always believe that startup founders are really cut from a different cloth.

The seed funding comes from some great firms including Atlas Ventures, High Peaks Ventures, and Schooner Capital. I am really excited for Fashion Project, they have a great founding team and an idea that will not only change the fashion world, but will also help so many charities around the world. I look forward to covering their progress in a future Fashion Friday, for now it’s onwards and upwards!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton