– $1M In Funding and 2 Million Demo Sessions Later

I have been following the rise of .IO on my blog for some time now and it is more clear than ever that this TLD is hotter than ever. You might remember a company called Kickfolio that raised a million dollars and changed their name to Well they have been testing their tech for the last 18 months and now 15,000 developers strong are making a big move into the mobile ad space.


The concept is pretty cool, try-before-you-buy applied to mobile advertising. Here’s the really cool part, they are crushing conversion rates of image and video ads, here’s the numbers:

Image Ads – 4.9% conversion rate

Video Ads – 5.7% conversion rate Ads – 17.9% conversion rate

In a world that has gone mobile, has positioned themselves in a very interesting place and as a viable alternative to Facebook and Google who have for a very long time dominated the space.

Hats-off to the team, and one prediction, if Facebook doesn’t buy these guys in the next six-months I’ll be surprised. I’ll come back to this post when it happens 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton