Flippa Friday: AspenHotels.com, Send.io, Draw.com, Tattoo.directory

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! We are in Chicago today and it looks like we arrived just in time to welcome the warm weather. You’ll notice some TLDs like .IO and .TATTOO on my list this week, while I typically stay pretty far away from these TLDs when it comes to investing I do think there are some solid premiums that make sense, and I’ve included those in this week’s selections as well.

Remember, I still very strongly recommend that investors put their focus on .COM. Still the Internet is evolving and while I’m still .COM-focused as an investor, I do see a bright future for some of the new gTLDs. As you all know, Frank Schilling absolutely loves .COM, he’s made his fortune with it, but he still believes in the new gTLDs just like Daniel Negari and the team at Donuts. Not there yet? Don’t let the world pass you by, it moves fast! Now for today’s list:

AspenHotels.com – I’m not always crazy about citynameHotel.com’s however Aspen while not a big city, does have some pretty pricey hotels. This could make a great lead gen site if put in the hands of the right developer. That being said, this isn’t a great flip so I’d only buy it if you have experience in the lead gen space specifically for travel. Otherwise you’ll quickly find that no hotel in Aspen will pay more than $10 for this one.

Send.io – the developer community has fallen in love with .IO. Couple this with the fact that companies like Intercom.io have raised over $6M and it’s clear that the investor community has also embraced this TLD. Send.IO is about as solid a .IO name as you can get.

Draw.com – I absolutely love one-word .COMs. Their values can go from $25,000 or less all the way up to $10M+. This is a great name, nobody will ever forget it and someone, someday will pick this as their brand.

Tattoo.directory – I’m not a huge fan of .directory but I do think there are some keywords that will do well, this is one of them.

OJV.com – I love the smell of a good 3 character .COM in the morning. Not the best 3 character .COM but still plenty of companies that use this as the acronym for their name and some good potential buyers out there. Of course you’ll have to get to this one before the Otter Jogging Venue 🙂

Sushi.net – I love sushi and while I’m not too bullish on .NET because I actually think TLDs like .GURU and .APP are stronger, this isn’t a bad one and it’s a great brand for someone who can’t afford Sushi.com but wants to do something on the Interwebs related to sushi.

Okay, that’s it for me, have a great weekend everyone!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton