Afternic + Go Daddy, A Match Made in Heaven

Yesterday Afternic made an announcement that was music to my ears – the expansion of their DLS network to include Go Daddy’s popular Aftermarket service. I’ve been using Go Daddy Auctions for years now and it most certainly accounts for the place where I acquire the most domains. I’ve also been using Afternic for years and find their service easy to use and a great way to get your domains in front of as many potential buyers and possible.


Go Daddy’s Aftermarket is buzzing with activity and has a ton of end-users on it searching for the right domain for their business. This is what I think is so great about this move by Afternic, along with all the great partners they already have this adds another huge market of buyers.

What’s so incredible about Go Daddy is their incredible recognition with consumers. Sure, we all know a million different registrars but for your average person they know Go Daddy and maybe Network Solutions but that’s about it. So when it comes to buying domain names most end-users instantly think, “Go Daddy is where I go for domains,” and that’s where their search begins.

Sometimes as Domainers it’s easy to think that everyone knows how to look-up WHOIS info or knows all the different domain marketplaces. In reality while we all know a ton of different places to buy domain names, many consumers just know Go Daddy, that’s their go-to place for domains.

By expanding their DLS Network to Go Daddy Auctions Afternic has once again added an active channel of buyers to their already extensive network. This is just another great reason to list your names on Afternic. Oh, and just to be clear – this is not a sponsored post, this is something that I’m truly excited about as a big fan of both Go Daddy and Afternic. It’s things like this, at no cost to us as Domainers, that can make a huge difference.

I just sold a domain name on Go Daddy two weeks ago for $3,500 that I bought for $8 a year ago. No marketing, no sending a million emails, just an inbound offer from one of the millions of people visiting Go Daddy every month. Now those millions of people will see the names you have listed for sale at Afternic, and we all know, when it comes to selling domains, the more buyers you can access, the better price you’re likely to see in the end.

Congratulations to Afternic and Go Daddy…and congrats to all of us Domainers who are the real winners here!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton