First Look: Domains On Fire – Find Available Domain Names With PR and Rank

I was pretty excited when I first heard about Domains On Fire, an innovative new tool that can help you identify available names with prior PR and Google rankings. Then I had the chance to use the tool myself, and it blew my mind. My first thought was – “was couldn’t this tool have been built three years ago? It would have save me a lot of time!”

Domains On Fire massively expedites and automates a process that I’ve been doing manually for some time. As a Domain Developer I’m very interested in domain names that recently ranked well in Google. I’ve discovered (as have countless other SEO geeks) that building a site on a domain name that used to rank well in a particular niche can allow you to re-build that ranking, as long as you build a site that is relevant to that niche.

While I’ve only been doing this for a few years there are people who have been using this technique for much longer, and with great success. Well, some of the most successful people in the space decided to make a tool making it easier than ever to identify domains with previous PR and Rank. Even thought I’ve only been using the tool for about a week now I’ve already identified some stellar domains that would normally take me months to find.

Of course it’s one thing to talk about it and another to see it in person. So if you’d like to see Domains On Fire in action just watch my video below and prepare to be impressed!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton