55% of Flippa Listings Sold in the Last Three Months!

I’ve been talking a lot about Flippa lately and for a good reason, the website flipping marketplace is one fire. At a time when most Domainers are talking about how they just can’t move their domains any more I can tell you I’ve never been in a better position. Flippa has proved that people clearly see significantly more value in a developed website than a flat domain, so much so that they’ll buy terrible domains with mediocre website on them all day long. Take a look at a lot of the sites that sell on Flippa, terrible domains with very simple often ugly website…but they are selling like crazy.

In the last three months Flippa has sold 55% of the websites listed on it. Compare this to Sedo’s 0.4% sales rate and you can see why focusing on the website flipping market is the #1 way to get liquidity for your domains right now. They are also moving volume with over $500,000 in websites and domains selling on Flippa just last week! One thing that many Domainers don’t realize is that there are domain buyers on Flippa too, and many of these Buyers are much more end-users than they are Domainers. I know I’m letting the cat out of the bag a bit on this one but since my focus is website sales I’m not too concerned about everyone rushing to sell domains on Flippa. Plus with Flippa’s listing fees often north of $20 you really have to believe in what you are selling – you can’t just throw a bunch of names out there and hope for the best.

However domain names do sell just like websites and just today SiteBuy.com sold for $1,601! This probably will never be reported anywhere in the Domaining world but it’s happening all the time on Flippa. Just take a look at some recent sales:


Now don’t get confused with what I’m saying here. You can’t just put any random website on your domain, throw it on Flippa and watch the money come rolling in. Flippa has trends and there are certain categories people are interested in. Websites with traffic and revenue always sell and those with the most command four to five figure prices. As someone that has built-out 160 of my domains it’s been great to see that I can sell any of them at any time on Flippa for a huge profit. All my undeveloped names…that’s another story.

So as you look at your own portfolio and think, “I really need to sell some of these names,” think of how you can transform each name into a business. With traffic and revenue you will have instant liquidity and some nice passive income to boot!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton