How To Write A Facebook Application

Facebook is the new craze, love it or hate it there is a lot of traffic on Facebook. Just like Domainers have used type-ins, and developers SEO – Facebook represents yet another way to drive traffic. A fan page is a great place to start but I’m finding that more and more people are developing custom apps. Recently I’ve been looking-into building a Facebook app for Kayaking dot org. I spent about half an hour browsing through different tutorials until I found one I really liked.


Rather than go through it all for you I thought I would just share this with all of you. If you’ve ever wanted to create a Facebook application you’ll see that a basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript can go a long way! While I don’t think apps will ever replace domains I do think this is a great way to extend your brand online and capture some of the incredible traffic from Facebook. I haven’t written a Facebook App yet so probably can’t answer any questions you might have about this tutorial, as I learn more I’ll share my experiences with the rest of you!

How to write a Facebook Application in 10 Minutes

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton