Big Week For – First Up, My New Facebook Page

Hello and happy Monday! This week I have a number of new announcements about enhancements coming to my blog. Many of you have been reading my blog for three, four, five, and in some cases seven years. If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed it’s that I’m not afraid of change, in fact, I look for change because with change comes opportunity.

Rewind seven years ago and most of my traffic came from, now a majority of my traffic comes from search engines followed by social media. I still absolutely love and I read it every day myself but it represents less than 10% of the traffic I receive today.

One area I have seen a lot of new readers coming from is Twitter and Facebook. Until now the only way to stay in touch with what I’m reading and recommending is if you are a friend of mine on Facebook. Today that changes.


I am proud to announce my new Facebook page, and just like domain names, I wanted to get the best name possible, and I think I did pretty well. You can now follow along with my adventures whether we are Facebook friends or not at

Along with the content that you see on my blog I will also be highlighting other blog posts that I think my readers will like from other amazing bloggers and news sites. The idea here is not just to share my own posts but also share what I’m reading since I think there’s a lot more content to enjoy then just what appears on

This also gives my readers more opportunities to interact with me, share their opinions, and join in the conversation which is something that has always been #1 on my list. So come along for the adventure and join me on Facebook, all are welcome!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton