Yowza – you have a 5x greater chance of selling a domain if it gets at least one inquiry…

As we all know, the better the domain name, the more people want to buy it. For solid one-word .COMs getting multiple offers a day, every single day is pretty standard and good two-word .COMs have similar metrics.

Well it turns out SquadHelp has started to quantify this metric at least for domains listed on their platform, and like my post title says, it’s pretty crazy how much a single inquiry can make, here’s the dets:

Squadhelp domain sales

As you can see, based on analysis of over 25,000 domains listed for over a year, domains that received at least one industry had a 5x chance of selling vs. names that didn’t.

Now first things first, and I know if I don’t say this someone is going to slam me in the comments, so I’ll state what I think is probably obvious. In the sea of domains that didn’t get at least one inquiry there are probably a lot of low-to-mid quality names whereas names with at least one inquiry are probably just better names with the top names getting a lot more than one inquiry.

So it should come as no surprise that better domains get more inquiries. At the same time this metric is something that many domain investors forget to look at. Usually when someone asks me why none of their domains sell I usually ask them – how many offers are you getting a year? If the answer is a low number, that can be a bad sign.

I brokered a two-character .COM a few years ago and we were getting hundreds of inquiries a month on that name. While most domains in your portfolio (or any) will get hundreds of inbounds a month, if a domain you think is great doesn’t get any inbounds, ever, it might not be as good as you thought.

Squadhelp’s data shows something we should all keep front-and-center, the best names get people actively reaching out trying to buy them. If you have names at Squadhelp, keep this in mind, I know I will!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton