You’ll Never Guess What Search Term Brings The Most Traffic To My Blog

Okay, I thought I’d throw this out there since it’s been absolutely mind boggling to me for the last year. What I’m talking about is the #1 search term that brings visitors to my blog. A majority of my traffic comes from search engines and it’s often a variety of terms that bring people to my blog each day from Google and Bing, but there’s one term that’s always in first place.

Yes, people do get to my blog when they search for things like “domain flipping” and “domain investing”. I also get some nice traffic from terms like “wordpress 101” where I’m on the first page of Google. However none of these terms bring as much traffic as one word that doesn’t explain me at all and that I don’t write about at all, except for one post.

What’s the word? First try to guess and then scroll down, the single word that people search for that just about every single day is the #1 search term bringing traffic to my blog is…drumroll please:


That’s right, me, cheering, the glass is always half full Morgan has the word grumpy sending traffic to my blog every single day. Why? Because of one post I wrote back in 2010 titled – Are You A Grumpy Domainer. All the other search terms people use to find my blog combined dwarf the traffic coming from good old grumpy, but this still wins as the #1 search term that people use to find my blog and discover it for the first time every day.

It’s a strange world we’re living in, isn’t it! Take a look at your blog or one of your top sites and feel free to share the search term that brings the most traffic to it in the comment section below.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton