Hello from Silicon Valley – Comparing Startup Hubs


Today we are busy with back to back to back meetings in Silicon Valley. Every time I’m here there’s a certain buzz in the air that’s just hard to explain, but it is incredibly refreshing. It is interesting to compare the startup hubs in all the different cities we go to from LA to Silicon Valley to New York City. I thought it would be interesting to put my observations into one or two sentences for how each of these startups scenes differ from each other:

Silicon Valley
Constant buzz, developers everywhere and startup founders everywhere you look. Creativity is in the air and investments are on everyone’s mind, along with finding the perfect founding team.

New York City
Finance-infused startups about and business people are everywhere, and they’re all looking for developers who are all in Silicon Valley! Meetings, meetings meeting, people meet with people day and night, expect little sleep and lots of taxi rides.

Los Angeles
The new kid on the block with a solid infusion of music, meets art, meets celebrity. Many new founders that are new to the startup world finding their place in the ecosystem and, like NYC, constantly searching for more developers.

Of course I can’t finish this post off without talking about how this is relevant to Domain Investors. As Domain Investors we’re always looking for the hottest trends and the companies bringing them to life. Follow the startup scene in these three cities and you’ll quickly see some trends that absolutely translate into hot new domain markets.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton