You might sell more domains if you update your pricing more frequently…

Okay, so I’ll start by making sure you see the word “might” in the title of my post which means, I have no data to back this up, I’m just sharing a theory. Like most domain name investors, I have my domains listed on a variety of different marketplaces and I’ve often wondered if reducing prices on some of my domains would increase liquidity.

What made me think of this is a feature that currently exists on Squadhelp that allows you to offer a discount on your domains, here’s a quick look at what the feature looks like:

Squadhelp Domain Discount

Now I’m not 100% sure if this feature does what I think it does…but I believe it notifies people who have shortlisted your name and notifies them that the price has been reduced.

I don’t know how many marketplaces offer a feature like this, i.e. for a buyer to shortlist and name and potentially stay in the loop if the price changes, but I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to experiment with it a bit and I’ll let you know how it goes. I have a good selection of names now that have been shortlisted by potential buyers and I’m curious if reducing the price here and there could stir up more interest, we’ll see.

That being said, and back to the title of this post, my guess is that if you want to adjust your pricing to sell more names, that means reducing the price of your names, increase the price probably won’t bring more buyers.

Over the years I have increased pricing on domains that I see get strong inbound interest or that I see similar names selling for a lot more. So by no means am I saying that you should just discount your whole portfolio to reduce liquidity, in fact, I think if you don’t have at least a handful of names that you’re “shooting for the moon” with – you should give it a go.

I do think though, if you want to increase liquidity that either reaching back out to potential buyers directly with a discount, or updating on a marketplace that will notify them could make a difference. Of course, like I said in the first sentence, I have no data to back this up so I’ll just have to experiment and see what happens. As usual, whatever I learn I’ll share with all of you!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton