Yes, two-word .COMs can bring in price tags of over $1M in 2017


For anyone that thought only the best one-word .COMs sold for a million dollars, thinks again. Today one of the top domain sales of 2017 was announced, and it’s a two-word .COM brokered by veteran domain investors (and one of my favorite ppl on the domain industry) Larry Fisher.

The domain is and it sold for $1.2M.

Five new domains earned places on our all extension YTD Top 100 Domain Sales Chart this week with one of those soaring into the top five on the elite list. That was the year’s fifth 7-figure sale – a $1,200,000 purchase of brokered by Larry Fischer at Fischer sold the domain for (Source – DNJournal)

For decades .COM domains have commanded top dollar and it looks like prices are only continuing to go up. While some of the new domain name extensions have definitely seen some great success with extensions like .CLUB seeing mainstream adoption, it’s not secret that .COM domains are more valuable than ever.

So why would a company spend over a million dollars on a domain name? Well, it’s actually not as complex as you might think. Plenty of companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns. The point of marketing campaigns is to drive new customers to a business.

Well guess what, a good domain name also drives a ton of new customers to a business and it’s not just one-word .COMs that can bring the masses. The question businesses need to ask themselves is, what will get me more customers – a domain or my current marketing campaign, and in many cases both. That being said, the beauty of a domain name is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving, once you buy a domain name, the traffic keeps on coming, forever.

What do you think, what $1.2M a good deal for Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton