Would You Say No To $50,000/day? The Creator Of Flappy Bird Did…

In case you missed it the incredibly popular iPhone and Android game Flappy Bird that rocketed to the top of both app stores has been taken down by it’s creator. On February 8th the game developer Dong Nguyen announced on Twitter that in 22 hours he would be taking the game down.


Sources have noted that the game was making $50,000/day when Nguyen took it down. Dong’s company, .Gears has been making games for years but none saw the runaway viral success that made Flappy Bird the phenomenon that it has become.

Apparently there were no legal issues around the removal of the game, instead it came down to the fact that making $50,000/month was adding more complexity to the developers life than he wanted. While it might sound crazy I find it incredibly admirable and amazing at the same time.

Sure, some of us want to be millionaires, drive a Ferrari, and vacation in exotic destinations. After being featured in Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, etc. and making more money in a day than the average American does in a year it takes one heck of a person to decide that’s not the path for them. I don’t think many of us would have made the same decision, that being said if you’re doing what you love and making enough money to be happy, do you really need more?

So I’ll ask you the question, would you say no to $50,000/day?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton