WordPress Wednesday: Top Five Twitter Plugins For WordPress

Hello and welcome to WordPress Wednesday here on MorganLinton.com! Today I wanted to cover a very important topic and one that is easy to handle even for novice WordPress users. What I’m talking about is integrating WordPress and Twitter so that your tweets show up on your site, and your site can automatically post to your Twitter accounts.

By automating the Twitter process you can save yourself time and keep your Twitter feed nice and fresh, then as you update your feed you will also be adding more content to your site, awesome right?

One of the many great things about WordPress is plugins, and when it comes to Twitter there are more plugins than you could possibly keep track of. This also makes it hard to pick a plugin to use. Don’t worry, I’ve used a ton of them and have narrowed the list down to five so you can easily pick one or two and get started!

WP to Twitter
Simple plugin to automatically tweet your latest post to Twitter. Simple, barebones, just what you need to send your posts out onto the Twitterverse without doing it yourself.

Think of this as a much beefier version of WP to Twitter for those who want more. Not only can this send your blog posts out on Twitter but you can also display your latest tweets in your sidebar and integrate some other nifty sharing features.

One of the best plugins for adding your tweets, someone else’s tweets, or tweets related to a specific topic on your blog.

TweetMeme Button
One of the best, most visible buttons for allowing your visitors to share your content on Twitter. If you want people to share your content on Twitter, this is a great plugin to make it happen.

This one wins in my book simply for being creative. Twitt-Twoo will let you tweet directly from your blog so you can update your status directly from the blog. While the Twitter app makes this even easier, sometimes you don’t have the app and this might be a useful tool to have available.

As always feel free to add your own favorite plugins, there’s a lot more than five great Twitter plugins but as usual I like to keep things simple! Thanks for reading and as always, happy WordPress Wednesday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton