WordPress 3.3.2 Released Today – Update Now


WordPress has rolled-out yet another version of their platform today which means that you should update your site as soon as possible. This particular update has some security improvements that you’re going to want to have right-away so upgrade today. It is very easy to update WordPress, when you login you’ll see a yellow bar at the top, click the link there and about ten seconds later you’ll be ready to rock.

Okay, so what did WordPress do in their 3.3.2 release?

  • Three external libraries received security updates – Plupload, SWFUpload, and SWFObject (all used for uploading media)
  • Cross-scripting vulnerabilities when clicking links and posting comments in old browsers
  • Last but not least is a weird one which involves limiting the privilege escalation that would allow an admin to deactivate network-wide changes to plugins.

It’s always important to remember that the more successful a software platform becomes, the more people try to hack it. With roughly 15% of sites on the Internet being powered by WordPress it is definitely a real target which means constant updates are necessary. Take the time today, heck do it now – update your WordPress sites and keep them as secure as possible.

You can read more about the specific updates made in the 3.3.2 release here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton