Will Flippa’s sale of Strength.com for $300k actually go through?


Today could mark a new record for Flippa – their #1 domain sale, Strenth.com at $300,001. The challenge is, just like the $65k sale of Dispute.com on Go Daddy last week, the buyer can always pull out leaving a domino effect and potentially jeopardizing the sale period. I’ve seen the same thing happen in live domain auctions, people get excited, place bids they can’t afford and back out…after the sale is apparently done.

Herein lies one of the domain industry’s biggest challenges. There is no real penalty for someone that pulls out of an auction, sure their account will be closed, but usually just at one service and there’s a long list of people who just opened new accounts the next day, with the same service. The end result is that, unlike home sales, or stock sales where the sale is actually final…with domains, you don’t really know right away.

Now I’m not trying to be captain negative over here – I hope this sale goes through. That being said, over the years I think I’ve moved from an optimist to a realist and now I can’t really celebrate anything, whether it’s my sale or someone else’s until the money is in the bank. Is Strength.com worth $300k? Absolutely, for the right buyer it could be a brand-making name…the question is, did that buyer just get the winning bid on Flippa, only time will tell.

What do you think? Will the sale go through or will this be like Dispute.com and go to the next, next, next highest bidder? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton